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Sienna Plantation Resident Events

Working To Ensure Our Community's Health

Easily accessible, the Sienna Plantation Residential Association, Inc. (SPRAI) and the Sienna Plantation Community Association, Inc. (SPCAI) office is located on-site in Sienna Plantation, a benefit not found in all developments.

The benefits of on-site management are many . . . prompt response to questions, firsthand awareness of community issues, closer interaction with service providers and more availability for assistance, to name a few. On-site management allows staff and residents to develop a real trust, with greater residential involvement and staff response.

The Associations’ primary responsibilities include protecting and enhancing property values, maintaining common areas, enforcing deed restrictions, and providing recreation opportunities. The Associations have a number of active volunteer committees and residents can take part in the numerous recreation, fitness classes, leisure classes and community events managed by the Associations to enhance the living experience in Sienna.

The Associations also manage Sienna Plantation's intranet site exclusively for residents, offering up-to-date news, event registration, important documents, free classifieds and more. Resident information is password-protected, but the public portion can be viewed here.

Also, see Sienna Plantation's current newsletter, why residents say it's fun to live here and a list of available homes.


The 2018 annual assessment for SPRAI and SPCAI is $1170.00.


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