Lupe's is OPEN!!!

December 05, 2018

I'm sure you've heard THE news: Lupe's is open for business!  So funny how excited all of us Sienna Peeps are.  Is it that we love to eat Tex Mex?  Is it that we love Margaritas? Or ice cold beer? Is it that this is REALLY good food right here in our neck of the woods?  YES!  All of the above.  As of now, they are not doing take out but they are open from 8am to 10pm Sunday-Thursday and 8am to 11pm Friday and Saturday.  I had no idea they served breakfast until I read that.  They are located at 9211 Highway 6 and the phone number is (281) 778-1101 if you want to call and ask what the wait time is.  They were very smart to do a "soft opening" where you had to go in person and request a reservation. This was so that they could ease into the crowd they knew they'd have and make sure service was good.  I talked to lots of people who went during this time and all had a great experience.  They are now fully open.  Go enjoy!

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