Sienna Parkway Extension

December 07, 2018

I kept hearing how excited people were that Sienna Parkway is now open all the way to FM 521 but did not go see it for myself until last week.  This expansion provides even quciker access to the Fort Bend Tollroad and also to Highway 288 for residents that live in the back of Sienna. I can say it seemed like a very short drive to get to the Pearland area.  I did not time it and compare it to going the way I used to go.  I did enjoy the scenery on this drive- very pretty with all those huge trees and those of us who do not live in Sawmilll do not realize how beautiful it is back there. My friend who lives in Sienna Point is thrilled with this expansion, as it cuts her drive to and from Ridge Point down to almost nothing.  I do know that should we ever have to evaucate (and lets hope we don't!) having this additional major road will be a huge benefit to all who live here.  I read Sienna is now home to around 24,000 residents.  I guess this number should not surprise me, as I've read we're one of the very top selling communities in the Houston area.

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