Well Fresh Market

November 29, 2018

My husbands family took in a Vietnamese family of 8 when he was growing up in Texas City.  His father had a heart for the pepole he'd met as a Marine years earlier.  To this day, his family loves Vienamese food.  They tell me that twice a week the Vietnamese family did the cooking for the 12 people in the house and that it these were his favorite meals of the week. His Mom used to bring these egg rolls over that she said tasted almost as good as the ones that family used to make them.  One time she brought an extra package for me because I loved them so much. I kept that package and checked our Kroger and our HEB and never could find anything close to as good.  Then one day I walked into a store by accident on Highway 6 called Well Fresh Market and there they were.  I was so excited I started taking pictures of different things and sending texts to my Mother in Law to ask "should I get this?".    If you'd like to try some brands you may not have ever seen our our HEB and Kroger and you like Vietnamese food, Well Fresh is at 4635 Highway 6. 

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