Ridge Point Homecoming Fun

November 24, 2018

The festivites for the week of HOCO start at Ridge Point with the kids dressing up to a different theme each day for the week of "Spirit week".   The week is super fun for the students and the staff. Each year one of the days is a color day where each grade is assigned its own color and the last day of the week is Purple out.  The Thursday before the game there is a Pep Rally and Parade. The day of the HOCO game, there is a big tailgate party in the parking lot at Hall Stadium. The school spirit is evident, as it's always a great turn out. This year Ridge Point won big in spite of a crazy amount of rainfall that started just after half time. Lots of people ran for their cars but the cheerleaders and Royals dance team stayed on the field and screamed for their team until after the last whistle. I was one who ran for the car but my husband stayed and to watch and said he was as proud of those girls as he was the football team.  I hear the band did an awesome job as well.  Saturday night was the dance and all the Sienna teenagers looked like they just stepped out of a magazine.  Most parents looked at each othe and said "we never looked like that!" and I'm of the same opnion.  Homecoming in Sienna continues to be another reason this is a fun place to live.


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