Halloween Fun for Grown Ups

November 06, 2018

I thought rather than write about the election on this date, I'd talk about how fun Halloween is in Sienna Planation.  It's way more fun than election talk.  Far less stressful too.  The weekend before Halloween there are always those couples that really get into the spirit of dressing up, are willing to host crazy neighbors, and willing to deal with the not so fun clean up the next day.  We were lucky to be invited to a couple of great costume parties this year the Saturday before Halloween.  Of course my favorite part is seeing what everyone is wearing and laughing at the creativity.  The only thing I enjoy about dressing up personally is getting to be a blonde for 4 or 5 hours.  I've never been blonde and don't see it happening at age 50, so a blonde wig is kind of exicitng to me.  I know its silly but I loved it when someone from church walked right by me without knowing who I was.  The wigs from the Halloween store are hot and itchy and they shed like crazy but I still love them.   Halloween night is obviously for the littles, but the weekend before is for the big kids and Sienna has lots of fun big kids to play with.

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