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Fort Bend County is a thriving suburb of Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city. With this proximity comes the conveniences of a larger city and Fort Bend strives to be the most family-friendly community in Texas. It has consistently been on lists of top places to live, work and play. See below for some of the top reasons you might consider your new home in Fort Bend County.

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Fort Bend County has been recognized by a variety of studies as an outstanding community in which to raise your family. The county has been ranked for its safety, education, low cost of living, diversity, and growth over the past few years. For families interested in relocating to the area, whether it be from another part of the city or another state all together, here are just a few statistics about living in Fort Bend County*. 

Bullet   One of the safest places in Texas
    - Movoto Real Estate
Bullet   One of the top five healthiest counties in Texas
    - The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
Bullet   Texas is ranked 4th lowest cost of living in the United States
    - TLC Family, 2012


  Texas is one of only seven states without a state income tax; add to the mix some of the country's most affordable housing and Fort Bend has one of the lowest cost of living indexes in the United States.


  2012 Fort Bend ISD graduating seniors earned more than $55 million in academic and athletic scholarships.



Fort Bend County also has a thriving corporate community, with many Fortune 500 companies and small businesses taking advantage of the county's pro business environment, fiscal strength, educated workforce and low unemployment.

Bullet   Ranked number four in job growth across America
    - Forbes, 2014
Bullet   Among top 10 for percentage increase in employment out of the nation's largest counties.
    - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012
Bullet   Top city for Global Trade
    - Global Trade, 2013



Living in Fort Bend County is complemented by the good weather, planned open and green spaces as well as the numerous area attractions.

Bullet   Fort Bend County residents are healthiest in the Greater Houston area
    - University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, 2012
Bullet   More than 83 percent of Fort Bend County's 531,000 residents are families.
Bullet   The county has also been named one of the safest communities in America, with three of the nation's top ten master-planned communities and the regional leader in household income.


What Our Residents Have to Say About Their Commute:


“As a scout for the Houston Astros, I can say that Sienna Plantation has scored a home run with its location. The Fort Bend Parkway makes my commute to Minute Maid Park so easy, usually just 25 minutes door-to-door.”
- Rusty Pendergrass.


“The Fort Bend Toll Road has made my drive into the Galleria more consistent. I typically spend less than 30 minutes driving from Sienna to my office.”
- Carrie Tuosto

Medical Center

“Sienna is a great place to live if you work in the Medical Center. The Fort Bend Toll Road and 90A take me straight to my office at MD Anderson in less than 30 minutes—only a few minutes longer than my colleagues who live inside the loop in Bellaire or West University. Less time in the car gives me more time to spend at home.”
- Dr. Andrea Jordan


“Commuting to Freeport from Sienna has been smooth sailing. I can leave at any time of the day and reach the Dow facility within 45 minutes. Once I leave Sienna’s front door, I have two great options for travel: Highway 6 south to 288 or Highway 521 to 288.”
- George Hernandez

Greenway Plaza

“I take the Fort Bend Parkway to 90A and go up Post Oak Blvd. to the 610 loop. From there, I just get on U.S. 59 north to Buffalo Speedway. It is so easy and only take about 25 minutes—and I live in the back of Sienna Plantation. The great thing is that if there is traffic, I have options.”
- Richard L. Muller, Jr.

*Unless otherwise noted, data from www.fortbendcounty.com.

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