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Elementary Middle High School

Sienna Plantation is served by three Fort Bend ISD elementary schools: Jan Schiff Elementary, Sienna Crossing Elementary and Scanlan Oaks Elementary.  All are nestled within quiet neighborhoods in Sienna Plantation, and many students enjoy walking or riding their bikes to school every morning.

Jan Schiff Elementary

Sienna Crossing Elementary

Scanlan Oaks Elementary


Jan Schiff Elementary

The personalized learning environment of Jan Schiff Elementary empowers a community of lifelong learners to succeed in a globally diverse world.

Named after Jan Schiff, a beloved Fort Bend school district educator who died suddenly in 2008, Schiff Elementary provides a safe, respectful and challenging educational environment for all children.

Schiff’s low student-to-teacher ratio creates a level of personalized instruction in all subject matters. Moreover, its smaller class sizes foster improved participation and a stronger bond between students and their instructors.

“The teaching staff is enthusiastic and has the students ready to learn,” says one Schiff Elementary parent.  Others say, “the kids love going to school everyday, the teachers are fantastic” and “my kids are challenged and enjoy their work and learning.”

Beyond academics, the Schiff experience emphasizes the need for young minds to understand the world in which they live.

The school’s Go Green Club helps students grasp the importance of preserving our natural resources in a fun, educational manner.  Club members maintain the school’s front garden, plant flowers and even work with local chefs to learn about the benefits of organic foods.

Student Council members sing Christmas songs, present gifts to seniors, conduct campus clean-up efforts and organize fundraising campaigns for worthwhile causes.  

Visit their website: Jan Schiff Elementary

View Schiff Elementary FAQs.


Sienna Crossing Elementary

Sienna Crossing Elementary is equipped inside and out to develop the total child. The landscaped grounds include a shade pavilion, an expansive playground structure, a second playground area designed specifically for younger students, a basketball court, a running track and lots of space for friendly kickball or soccer games.

Inside Sienna Crossing, the school is separated into grade-level pods, with a comprehensive library, cafeteria/auditorium, computer labs, “post office” and more. 


Through the united efforts of students, parents, faculty, staff, and community, the mission at Sienna Crossing Elementary is to chart a course toward excellence. Committed to seeing that each student reaches his or her potential, the school strives to provide a supportive and safe environment with diverse and interactive learning opportunities to prepare students for successful futures in a global world.


Extensive technology allows students to develop their computer skills as well as locate information on the Internet to research and complete projects and classroom assignments. Sienna Crossing brings technology into the classroom with networked multimedia computers in each room.

Fifth-grade students may apply for membership in the Broadcasting Club. Under the direction of the school’s technology specialist, librarian and music teacher, the Broadcasting Club produces the daily G.A.T.R. morning news shows — information clips broadcast live throughout the school to give students and staff a preview of the day’s activities. Members of the Broadcasting Club handle all aspects of production, including writing scripts, serving as anchors and operating all equipment.

Visit their website: Sienna Crossing Elementary


Scanlan Oaks Elementary

Scanlan Oaks Elementary's state-of-the-art facility has grade-specific pods with networked, multimedia computers in each classroom, as well as a computer lab, computerized library, performance stage and space devoted specifically to musical and artistic pursuits. In addition, the floor of the physical education room is laid out with basketball and volleyball courts.

A Careful Curriculum 

Scanlan Oaks students receive a strong reading foundation that begins the first day of kindergarten. Students in lower grades work in small groups to learn literacy skills, build comprehension and improve reading fluency through the school’s guided reading program. Those with similar skills are grouped together and read a variety of materials at their specific levels. Teachers work with each group to strengthen and challenge students’ reading abilities. Students requiring extra help participate in a mentoring program, which pairs one student with one trained volunteer who works with the child throughout the year to improve fluency.

Scanlan Oaks’ reading emphasis is just one component of the school’s language program, which includes expressive and technical writing, grammar and spelling. This program complements a well-rounded curriculum that exposes children to a variety of math, science and social studies subjects, each carefully tailored to specific grade levels. In all areas, teachers use a hands-on approach, encouraging students not only to read, but to see, touch and hear through a variety of presentations, experiments, role-playing activities and more. Teachers also work to strengthen critical thinking skills through the Thinking Maps program, which provides eight different maps designed for students and teachers to utilize in all subject areas. The maps provide visual cues that help establish thought processes – classifying, comparing and contrasting; identifying cause and effect; and sequencing – and apply those processes in a manner that supports strong critical thinking skills.

Visit their website: Scanlan Oaks Elementary